Rack & Ride

During the fall and winter of 2009, Tri-State Trail Vision raised matching funds to install bike racks on the city’s public buses. The Dubuque “Rack & Ride” Program allows Jule passengers to use the bicycle racks free of charge with the purchase of a regular bus fare ticket.bicycle racks on the fronts of all City of Dubuque Transit “The Jule” fixed-route

Combining bicycling and public transit can be part of a healthier lifestyle, decrease traffic congestion, lessen parking constraints, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This project also helps meet Dubuque’s sustainability principle of Reasonable Mobility.
Loading the bike

The Rack & Ride Program allows residents to bike to a bus stop, utilize public transit for part of their trip, and finish the remainder on their bicycle. Cyclists retain all liability for the bicycle when it is placed onto the bus. The cyclist is also responsible for loading, securing, and unloading his/her bike from the rack. Bus drivers cannot assist with loading or unloading. All bicycles should be “rack ready” before the bus arrives. This includes removing water bottles, pumps or any loose items that may fall off. Tandem bikes, bikes with gas or electric motors, solid wheels, large racks, child seats or other attachments are not allowed.

Using the bike racks is simple and a flyer outlining the process is available for download here, or can be picked up at City Hall at 50 West 13th Street, The Jule Transit at 2401 Central Ave., or the Carnegie-Stout Public Library at 360 West 11th Street. An instructional video can also be viewed here. 

Rack and Ride

Rack & Ride received financial support from Bicycle World, American Trust, Dubuque Bank & Trust, Tri-Cor Insurance, Chain Reaction, and Dubuque Bicycle Club.
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