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2019 Board of Directors:

President: Charles Winterwood

Vice President: Ron Bensink

Treasurer: Pat Prevenas

Secretary: Dianne Koch

Iowa Bicycle Coalition:  Mark Wyatt


5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Tim Flynn

    Do you guys know of any group, or are there members of your group who do overnight backpacking? I want to do an overnight trip or a hike lasting 2 or 3 days with ultralight packs and supplies. I’m in Dubuque and looking for like-minded folks.

  2. Joan Dahlquist and Jonathan Brown

    We would like to know when and where your monthly meetings are held.

  3. Hi, Saw your article in the TH last week. I have been looking to advocate asphalting the Heritage Trail. As a repatriated Dubuquer and an inline marathoner I have found there is no place to skate outdoors in Dubuque, County. I have had to join other inline skaters at the Cedar Valley Nature Trail in CR to practice. My father is one of the original citizens who promoted and facilitated construction of the Heritage Trail back in the early 70’s. It , I believe, is one of the first Rails-to-Trails trails in Iowa. I have also recently returned from Lanesboro, Mn and seen the beautiful Root River asphalted trail which runs 36 miles. To skate, xc ski, push your baby stroller or grandparent in a wheelchair, or even a Handicapable person or Vet in automated wheelchair you CAN NOT have hills and grades over 1%. The Heritage Trail is not being used to it’s fullest capacity for our population. Asphalting the trail would make this 300% more accessible. Snow Mobilers having been using this trail for years and this is not supposed to even be for MOTORIZED vehicles. I was wondering if this is something your group feels is as important as I and would like to UPGRADE the existing trail?
    Thanks! Mary Jo Shear (847) 322-6947
    Pilates Fundamentals
    900 Jackson St., Suite 108A
    Dubuque, Iowa 52001

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