Bee Branch Tunnels Grand Opening

The Bee Branch Tunnels under the Chicago Pacific Railway in downtown Dubuque are officially open. Many cyclists and pedestrians are utilizing the trail. The two side-by-side box tunnels (center right above) are lighted and one-directional. The tunnels, located at the eastern end of the Bee Branch on Garfield Avenue, are part of a large reconstructionContinue reading “Bee Branch Tunnels Grand Opening”

Chavenelle Trail Open

The last segment of the Chavenelle Bike Trail, from the Northwest Arterial to Radford Road, was completed by mid-May. All the grading has been done, and the grass has grown in surrounding this trail. This connects with the Northwest Arterial Trail south of the Pennsylvania/Middle Road intersection. The new segment lies north of Chavenelle andContinue reading “Chavenelle Trail Open”

Mobile Bike Library on the Move

Spotted at a Farmers’ Market on a recent Saturday, Tim Hitzler brought the library to the crowds. The Carnegie Stout Public Library added a bike mobile to its outreach program in 2019. While Covid delayed its usage in the beginning, now Hitzler is making the rounds with stops at the Farmer’s Market and other communityContinue reading “Mobile Bike Library on the Move”

America’s State Tree Walk at E.B. Lyons

                                                 State Tree Woodland Walk at E. B. Lyons America’s State Tree Woodland Walk         In summer, we often leave to go visit other places…far away. However, there are numerous trails close by. Several years ago, the E. B. Lyons Nature Center developed a trail dedicated to the state tree of all 50 states. America’sContinue reading “America’s State Tree Walk at E.B. Lyons”

Bike to Work Week – September 2020

  by Candace Eudaley          Bike to Work Week 2020 had 64 registrants biking, walking or hiking over 1,600 miles! With over 200 people following the Bike to Work Week Facebook page, we know there are more people interested in the idea. The winner of the bike commuter kit, sponsored by Dupaco Community Credit Union,Continue reading “Bike to Work Week – September 2020”

City Engineer Jon Dienst Reports on 2020 Improvements

         City Engineer Jon Dienst attended the September 24th meeting of Tri-State Trail Vision to update us on city trail projects. 1. The new Chavenelle Trail segment from Seippel to Radford Road was completed this spring. The Radford to Northwest Arterial segment will be completed next spring. The ten-foot wide concrete trail sits on theContinue reading “City Engineer Jon Dienst Reports on 2020 Improvements”

Chavenelle Trail – Heading West

        More trails on Dubuque’s west side are falling into place after years of planning. Delayed a year, the Chavenelle Road trail project came to light this spring when the western portion from Seippel Road to Radford Road was completed. City Engineer Jon Dienst noted how this project stay on time with nearly perfect weatherContinue reading “Chavenelle Trail – Heading West”

Bee Branch/S. John Deere Road Tunnel Sports a New Connector Trail

         For those who travel on the Bee Branch/Heritage Trail between 32nd Street and Heritage Pond, watch for oncoming bike and pedestrian traffic just north of the South John Deere Road tunnel. A new connector trail has been constructed between the Heritage Trail Lot on S. John Deere Road and the trail. No longer willContinue reading “Bee Branch/S. John Deere Road Tunnel Sports a New Connector Trail”