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Asbury’s Cloie Creek Mountain Bike Trail Opening Soon

By Brett Erthum


The Cloie Creek Park trail in Asbury is nearing completion and is fully funded.  Trail Source from Minneapolis, MN and a member of the Professional Trail Builders Association has been contracted to do the work.  They are currently waiting for soil conditions to be acceptable for shaping, then they will start.  The project is expected to take 4 weeks to finish.

The Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders (TMBR) is planning to host a ribbon cutting ceremony in May.  The date has yet to be determined.  When open, Cloie Creek will be the first public area open to off-road cycling.  It will incorporate banked turns, berms, and other features that will distinguish it from other trails in eastern Iowa.

We are pleased to have this trail in the city of Asbury.  Its urban location makes it especially accessible to younger enthusiasts.  TMBR plans to work with the City of Asbury to support programs that encourage kids to ride.

TMBR is working through details on a future project for ’17-’18.  An announcement will be coming shortly.  TMBR will soon be providing trail status reports for Heritage Trail on our website.  Check for that functionality at and check our Facebook Page (TMBR) for current information.

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New Mountain Bike Advocates in Dubuque (TMBR)

By Brett Errthum, TMBR President

There’s a new trail advocacy group working on projects in Dubuque and the surrounding area.  Tri-state Mountain Bike Riders (TMBR) is a non-profit trail advocacy group that incorporated in the fall of 2015.  TMBR’s mission is to enhance the experience of mountain bikers in the tri-state area through improved trails, amenities, and social networking.

The founding members desired to see new local trails that are designed for mountain bike use.  When the group discussed the future they wanted to create, they quickly aligned around a 10-year plan to make the tri-state area a destination for mountain bikers around the Midwest.  TMBR exists as an entity to channel funding, organize volunteers, and work politically toward this outcome.

In its first year of operation, TMBR has focused on creating the foundation for a sustainable organization.  This includes incorporation, writing bylaws, community networking, and developing membership and sponsorship processes.  At this time, the organization is nearing 100 members, has earned a sponsorship agreement with 7G Distributing, and is working to fund its first project to be completed in the fall of 2016.

TMBR is working with the City of Asbury to create the Cloie Creek Park trail system.  This trail will be 2 miles of natural surface trail that weaves and loops through 20 acres of the city park located west of Hales Mills Road.  When completed this fall, the trail system will provide a recreational facility for cyclists, runners, hikers, and walkers.  Located within the City of Asbury, this park is easily accessible to Asbury residents and others on the west side of Dubuque.  Features like berms and banked turns will provide cyclists with a truly unique riding experience.  Cloie Creek trails will be an asset to the community and a showcase for the type of projects TMBR endeavors to complete in the coming years.

TMBR and the City of Asbury are well on their way toward the funding required to install sections of trail this fall.  Additional funding is needed to complete the entire length of trail.  Check out or call the City of Asbury to see how you can help.

By any measure, TMBR has enjoyed success in its first year.  Its members are focused on the sustained strength of the organization and continued growth of trails in the area.  These soft surface trail systems complement paved trails, interconnected neighborhoods, and commuter corridors to create a community that we are all proud of.



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