2017 TSTV Membership Drive

by Michael Loebach


Spring’s arrival indicates that not only are the robins back, but so is Tri-State Trail Vision and its membership drive. Consider what your membership will do to enhance trail opportunities within the Dubuque area. You have probably already seen our emails and maybe even received a letter in the mail. Maintaining a strong membership is critical to the success of this all-volunteer organization. Benefits include a newsletter that comes out three times per year, advocacy by board members to various governmental agencies, and connections with community leaders who support trails in the Dubuque area.

Please send $15 for a single or $25 for a family membership along with your name, address, phone, and email address to: Tri-State Trail Vision, Treasurer, 790 Valentine, Dubuque, IA 52003.

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2013 Membership Drive!

It’s time to show your support for biking and hiking in the Tri-States!

We are as excited about trails in the Tri-State area as we have ever been.  There are more places to hike and bike than ever before and because of your support we were able to accomplish a lot.  Here is just a taste of what we have done:

  • Partnered with the Telegraph Herald to organize the third annual Bike to Work Week in the Tri-States.
  • Received honorable mention from the League of American Bicyclists for a bicycle friendly community.
  • Continued to cultivate relationships with city, county and state leaders to help ensure that biking and hiking needs in the Tri-States are met.

In 2013 we plan to build on our previous successes, and build momentum for future projects.  Our goals are to:

  • Work with City of Dubuque to systematically review the Trail Plan to assess completed and in progress projects and identify additional specific projects for future completion.
  • Reach out to other leaders in the Tri-State area to work towards complete adoption of the Trail Plan.
  • Increase the number of riders for Bike to Work Week and partner with more businesses to provide more institutional support for cycling.
  • Increase our public communication to enhance public awareness of Tri-State Trail Vision.

Thank you for your support of Tri-State Trail Vision.  Whether you are a member, made a gift, volunteered or just got out to enjoy the trails, we couldn’t do this work without you.

Thank you for your support,
Tri-State Trail Vision Board

P.S.  Dubuque trails and bike paths can now be found on Google maps.  It is a great tool to help you plan your trip to work, school, the coffee shop or a friend’s house. Just type in your start location, end location and instead of clicking on the “car” icon, choose the bike!

membership renewal form2013

Right click on the form to copy. Paste image into a word document. Print and mail.

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Sponsor a Mile of the Heritage Trail for the Dubuque Smart Plan Study

This is an opportunity for you to sponsor part of an exciting study that’s about to take place. We’re trying to raise $650 (26 miles X $25 per mile) to assist with travel and accommodations costs for researchers coming to Dubuque County later this summer. Heritage Trail was selected to be the subject of an American Planning Association voluntary planning process. Experts from around the country will visit and interview stakeholders, and study our trail and communities in order to recommend upgrades and funding opportunities that will make Heritage Trail a year-round premier recreational destination, with regional economic development capabilities. It’s all part of the Dubuque County Smart Planning Consortium. Visit  for more information. (Also see a related article on page 6 of this newsletter about this organization’s work.)
Tri State Trail Vision has contributed $500 toward the amount needed to transport and house the researchers. Your contribution of $25 will cover a “mile’s worth” of the additional $650 that we’re hoping to raise. Make your check payable to “Tri State Trail Vision” and mail to TSTV Treasurer Michael Loebach, 1155 Rosedale, Dubuque, IA 52001. Contributions are needed by July 7th.

(+) Tony

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Membership Renewal

It is that time of year again when we reach out to our membership and ask you to renew your support for Tri-State Trail Vision. Your continued encouragement, whether monetary, volunteer time, or just simply moral support, helps us to achieve our common goal of protecting and expanding the Tri-State’s trail network.

With your help, in 2011 we:

  • lobbied in support of the development of Catfish Creek Trail
  • assisted the City of Dubuque in receiving an honorable mention by the American League of Bicyclists for their Bicycle Friendly Community designation
  • in conjunction with the Telegraph Herald, organized our second annual Bike to Work Week and had over 150 riders register for the week, committing to ride thousands of miles
  • donated funds to the City of Dubuque to install a bike rack on the Bee Branch development
  • raised funds for bike racks on all city buses

In 2012, we plan to:

  • continue lobbying for the expansion of the Tri-State’s trail network
  • organize our third annual Bike to Work Week
  • work with the City of Dubuque to implement the key findings of the League of American Bicyclists to move Dubuque closer to being a Bicycle Friendly Community

There are many ways for you to get involved and show your support. For instance, ask your employer to participate in Bike to Work Week. Watch for our emails and go to city council, board of supervisors or legislative meetings to support trails. You’re always invited to come to our meetings and provide input. Any support that you can offer is greatly appreciated. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve such successes as the completion of the Heritage Trail pedestrian bridge over Hwy 52 in the fall of 2012.

Thank you for your support of Tri-State Trail Vision. Whether you are a member, made a gift, volunteered, or just got out to enjoy the trails, we couldn’t do this work without you. An email or letter with information will be coming soon to renew your $15 membership. If you have any questions, please contact TSTV Treasurer.

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