Tri-State Trail Vision is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Winter 2012,  Tri-State Trail Vision board members gathered to create a revised mission statement that will guide the organization into the future. While Tri-State Trail Vision has accomplished much in its seven years of existence, a revision of the mission statement was needed.

Our mission is to promote safe hiking, bicycling, wellness, and sustainability in the Dubuque tri-state area. To accomplish this, we will:

1) advocate for strong civic and governmental action;

2) foster safety and human-powered activities; and

3) connect people to multi-use trails and bicycle friendly roads.

Created from the City of Dubuque’s Vision 2010 Project in 2005, Tri-State Trail Vision formed with community advocates for walking, bicycling, and trail development. These enthusiastic members and city staff created an 80-page Master Plan that identifies and prioritizes future recreational trails and other infrastructure, which accommodates and enhances walking and bicycling in the greater Dubuque area.  The strategic planning goals set in October (see related article in the April 2012 newsletter) should guide TSTV members as they fulfill the community’s Vision 2010 goal of expanded hiking and bicycling facilities and infrastructure. As we move into the next phase as an organization, we look forward to actively working to fulfill our mission.

In cooperation with Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque an endowment fund has been created for donors wishing to contribute to our non profit mission. The link to the Giving Center page is;


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