Mobile Bike Library on the Move

Spotted at a Farmers’ Market on a recent Saturday, Tim Hitzler brought the library to the crowds. The Carnegie Stout Public Library added a bike mobile to its outreach program in 2019. While Covid delayed its usage in the beginning, now Hitzler is making the rounds with stops at the Farmer’s Market and other community events. A variation of the bus bookmobile of our childhoods, a beloved feature of warm summer days and the chance to read new books, the bike mobile has a 3-wheeled frame with a large box sitting on a flat space behind the seat. The box sides swing open to display shelved books. Patrons can come to visit, make their reading selections, and Hitzler checks out the materials. He also goes to nursing homes and care facilities too, although in winter he does not bike. The bike bookmobile brings the library to citizens and highlights another way to bring bicycle creativity and presence to the community.

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