America’s State Tree Walk at E.B. Lyons

                                                 State Tree Woodland Walk at E. B. Lyons

America’s State Tree Woodland Walk

        In summer, we often leave to go visit other places…far away. However, there are numerous trails close by. Several years ago, the E. B. Lyons Nature Center developed a trail dedicated to the state tree of all 50 states. America’s State Tree Woodland Walk is a handicap-accessible nature trail that leads to the preserve’s highest point. The trail is west of the large parking lot and runs northward out on a ridge. The trees have grown quite a bit.  

               The trees are grouped and planted by species. For example, several states share variations on the oak tree. The Bur Oak is the Iowa State Tree, Georgia claims the Live Oak, New Jersey enjoys the Northern Red Oak, and Connecticut, Illinois, and Maryland share the White Oak. Some of the other species are Elms, Maples, Pines, Spruce, and Flowering Dogwoods. Furthermore, five states’ trees are not on this trail due to our harsh winters but they are acknowledged.

               Come and take a hike to enjoy a wide range of trees so close to us.

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