Kayaking at Blanding’s Landing

                A beautiful fall day called to us to go kayaking somewhere. We choose Blanding’s Landing, south of Galena off of Blackjack Road. We paddled north from the landing, viewing the cottages along the shoreline, imagining what life would be like if we owned a cabin here. We noticed a couple of train tunnels that allowed side creeks to flow into the river. The warm fall day was so enticing that we wanted to see more fall foliage.

         We then traveled to the other side of the landing, and we caught a glimpse of Bellevue across the channel.

The explosive fall colors on the drive to Blanding’s Landing were muted here along the river, but nature gave us a show we didn’t expect. About 500 coots traveled in front of us on our way back to the dock. Hiding in dying lily and lotus plants, these birds floated out silently in great swarms. When they spotted us, they took to the sky, splashing and slapping the water as they don’t gain much height when they fly. Other coots continued paddling along, undisturbed by the commotion the others were making. What a cool sight! 

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