City Engineer Jon Dienst Reports on 2020 Improvements

         City Engineer Jon Dienst attended the September 24th meeting of Tri-State Trail Vision to update us on city trail projects.

1. The new Chavenelle Trail segment from Seippel to Radford Road was completed this spring. The Radford to Northwest Arterial segment will be completed next spring. The ten-foot wide concrete trail sits on the north side of Chavenelle Drive.

2. Eventually the city hopes to create a trail on Seippel, south to the Southwest Arterial, which is have a trail in maybe five years with an expected cost of $5-6 million, and then loop up to the Key West Tech Park via some city-owned land along Granger Creek. Eventually this would connect to the Mines of Spain.

3. The Kerper Bike Trail is to be built during the summer of 2021 on the west side of the Bee Branch Detention Basin, behind the Alliant Solar Field, and connect to 16th Street. This is fully funded via an IDOT Transportation Alternatives Program.

4. The Public Works Pedestrian Access Ramps have been completed for the summer. Many ramps were installed with updated street construction.

5. The East-West Corridor project on University with roundabouts at Pennsylvania, Asbury, and Loras is at a standstill as state funding is not assured at this time. On-street bike lanes are expected with this project.

6. The Bee Branch tunneling project is expected to be finished in the summer of 2021. Six 8-foot diameter pipes are in, and the existing drain becomes the new trail.

7. Dienst explained some elements of the 2022 Budget Process. The city considers carbon reduction efforts and continuing Complete Streets planning, both of which are high on the City Council’s plans, as part of the budget process.

8. Wally Wernimont is the new Planning Services Manager, who replaced the newly-retired Laura Carstens.

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