Bike to Work Week Ideas

You may have noticed that the month of May passed by without any fanfare about biking to work. It may have been because many of us were working from home, our kids were attempting to learn from home and many other aspects of our lives were (and probably still are) functioning a little differently; but the League of American Bicyclists opted to shift Bike to Work Week to September 21-27, 2020. Bike Month was still celebrated in May, but you didn’t miss Bike to Work Week! 

The purpose of Bike to Work Week has always been to promote the benefits of bicycling including physical and mental health and reduced air pollution from congestion and vehicle emissions.  Many of us are still working from home, balancing childcare, our day-jobs, and figuring out how to navigate when to wear masks, when to have items delivered vs going to the store, if and when to see family and friends, etc. Because of this, Bike to Work Week is a little bit the same and a little bit different this year. 

It is what it always was: a reminder to get outside and move our bodies. It is also a chance to do it with our families or friends outside of traditional commuting hours, utilizing the public infrastructure available for biking and walking that are available in our community. Click here for maps and details on Dubuque’s trails.

Here are a few ideas to get you moving for Bike to Work Week:  

Working from home? Create a commute!

If you’re working from home, take a walk or bike ride before you officially start your workday. Plus side: no need to transport your change of clothes and you get to shower in the comfort of your own home!

Working from home with kids? Take them along for the Ride!

If you’ve got kids at home while working from home, take them with you for that pre-work walk or ride. It’s a great chance to (a) introduce your kids to the idea of getting places without a car, (b) show them the places you like to walk or bike, and/or (c) practice their (hopeful) return to school “commute” by foot or bike. I’ve been doing this with my kids throughout the pandemic and it helps them fall asleep faster at the end of the day (BONUS)!

Running an errand? Go by bike or on foot!

Fun Fact: 40% of all trips taken in the US are less than 2 miles. That’s a very reasonable biking distance. Challenge yourself to get out during Bike to Work Week and go by bike or foot for one of those trips. 

Participate in Cycle September: Global Bike Challenge

For the month of September, Love to Ride, USA is hosting a Global Bike Challenge. Log miles, earn points and win prizes!

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