Urban Bicycle Food Mission Dubuque Pedals Through Downtown

Melinda Vize, a Dubuque resident who comes from a family well entrenched in the Dubuque biking scene, is giving back to the community in an unusual way via her bike.  She started the Urban Bicyling Food Mission Dubuque project last summer, based off of a similar program in Des Moines. Volunteers arrive at the Dubuque Rescue Mission on Sunday afternoons, prepare to-go meals of burritos or sandwiches, and then deliver them in groups via bikes to the homeless and homeless shelters in the community. The volunteers use child trailers or bags to deliver the food, usually burritos or sandwiches, a dessert and water bottle, to the recipients. No food is wasted.

How does she make this work? She gathers donations and writes grants to fund the project. Her work with the Homeless Advisory Coalition in Dubuque gave her tips on where to find the homeless. The Urban Bicycling Food Mission Dubuque Facebook page (UBFMDBQ) has event signup options for both the food prep and food delivery. Volunteers are always needed.

Vize views this project as a way for the biking community to give back to the larger community. Her efforts were reported in the Telegraph Herald and also picked up by U. S. News and World Report https://www.usnews.com/news/healthiest-communities/articles/2018-10-09/dubuque-cycling-group-takes-free-meals-to-people-in-need. Congratulations to Melinda Vize and her efforts to make a difference!

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