Wave-Cel Technology Reduces Concussions


Bontrager’s latest helmet reduces the possibility of a concussion due to a revolutionary new WaveCel technology.  Bontrager explains that the collapsible cellular structure “absorbs the force of the impact before it reaches” the rider’s head, thus reducing by 48 times the likelihood of a concussion compared to a standard helmet.  The cells “flex, crumple, and glide” the energy away from the rider’s head. The helmet also sports a Boa dial and fit pads to adjust comfortably to every head. Receiving a 5-star rating—a perfect rating—by Virginia Tech’s safety rating system, these helmets retail from $150-299.

While the cost may seem high, concussions can be very serious to overcome. When suffering a concussion, patients can struggle from long-lasting memory issues that can hinder thought processes for months. What’s protection worth to you? Check your local bike store for more information.

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