TMBR 2017 Year in Review



Review of 2017 for TMBR Mountain Bike Riders

By Brett Erthum

When the snow settled on Cloie Creek trail this winter, it marked the end of the fall riding season and a big year for the Tri-state Mountain Bike Riders (TMBR).

At the opening of Cloie Creek Trail in June of 2017, 200 supporters turned out to enjoy Dubuque’s first publicly accessible mountain bike trail system. All 3 local bicycle shops were on hand to provide demo bikes. The Bike Coop provided experienced mechanics to tune up any bikes in need. Speeches were made, regional TV media were present, a ribbon was cut, and yes…. people rode the trails until the sun went down that night.

Dispersed throughout the crowd, various members of TMBR smiled and enjoyed the sight. Cloie Creek was the culmination of 18 months of planning. When the City of Asbury offered the land, the fledgling non-profit had bold plans, but little to show for it. Cloie Creek was an opportunity to raise funds and execute the kind of trail plan that mountain bike advocates seek out in other communities. Now, Cloie Creek is a great addition to the community. Perhaps more important to TMBR’s board, it’s a validation of the public/private partnership that they believe can lead to a better tri-state area community.

Last year, the Cloie Creek trails hosted a kids’ race, a mountain bike skills day, and countless social rides. It’s become a favorite “short” loop for runners and hikers in the Asbury area Neighborhood youth are frequently testing their mothers’ nerves on the jumps, banked turns, and creek crossing offered in the park. It’s also spawned a group of lady mountain bike riders who take to the trails regularly for social outings.

When it snowed, the trail continued to see usage from fat-tire bikers and winter walkers. The snow didn’t stop the traffic through the park, and TMBR hasn’t slowed down either.

In April, construction begins on TMBR’s next project. The trails at Interstate Power Preserve (IPP) will open around July 2018 with 6 miles of cross-country singletrack that navigate the steep bluffs and unique rock formations found in the preserve. The primary loop will provide a shorter lap for beginners. Each of the 3 additional loops will provide a unique experience for the rider and offer varying levels of difficulty.

TMBR is immensely grateful to its supporters and to the public land managers that have made the investment in these first two trail systems possible. As the snow settles on the trails at IPP next winter, TMBR will stay committed to its vision of creating destination-worthy public recreational woodland trails in the Tri-State Area.

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