Electric Assist Bikes Offer Options

Trek E-Bike

Dubuque hills can create a good workout for the cyclist. However, sometimes health issues make riding nearly impossible or at least not comfortable. So electric assist bikes offer a good option as noted in the accompanying article by Art and Dianne Roche. After her knee replacement surgery, Dianne was not sure she could do 30-mile rides. So the electric assist bike came to her rescue.


The typical customer are baby boomers who have enjoyed riding in the past but are struggling with health issues or are desiring to keep up with faster riders. They can ride on their own power until fatigue sets in and then turn on the electric-assist to finish the ride.

Brian Walsh with Free Flight Cycling explains that the bikes can go up to 35-60 miles depending on the setting used. The “amount” of assist can vary from 120% to 300%, which translates into the effort expended. A 300% assist would be triple the biker’s effort. With the “turbo” setting of 300%, the distance range could be less than 40 miles. A lesser percentage would increase the mile range to as high as 60 miles. Walsh noted that “hills are the reason people in Dubuque buy them. They really make going up hills significantly easier and the ride more enjoyable.” He has observed that everyone who takes an e-bike out for a test drive comes back with a smile since they are fun to ride.

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