City Moving Forward on Multiple Trail Projects


City Engineer Jon Dienst visited Tri-State Trail Vision on August 24 to update members on the city trail projects. He reported that the recent citywide input envisioning meetings show street and pedestrian projects ranked high on a recent city survey. Jon Dienst shared the following information on several projects.


  1. Chavenelle Rd. Hike/Bike Trail will be completed in the spring/summer 2018. The project is currently in design and will be a 10’wide asphalt trail from the NW Arterial to Seippel Road.


  1. Several ADA ramps, also known as Public Works Pedestrian Access Ramps, were recently installed in the Rhomberg-Windsor-Merz area, funded by the 10-cent gas tax increase. The City had around $300,000 in pedestrian ramps installed over the summer. Some mid-block crossings were completed due to obstacles, like electrical and water mains. The ADA ramps are a Department of Justice requirement to update ramps when doing pavement overlay projects.


  1. The Alice Street Stairs connecting Grove Terrace to Alice Street was recently completed.


  1. The Bee Branch Creek Greenway Project is completed and has been well accepted. Several Tri-State Trail Vision members present commented on the beautiful landscaping and layout. Another side project is to connect the trail under the railroad. Two large unused culverts will be converted to bike/pedestrian passages while six 8’ water conveyance culverts will carry the Bee Branch drainage water in a large water event.


  1. Heritage Trailhead parking on John Deere Road and Hwy 52 is now open and is being used. This was built with a combination of city, county, and federal funds.


  1. East-West Corridor – The city is ready to release a Request For Proposal (RFP). This will include three roundabouts on University at Pennsylvania, Asbury, and Loras. Public meetings will occur soon and construction in 3-4 years. The city will be looking at on-street bike lanes.


  1. The University and Grandview Roundabout is currently in the design stage and will be constructed next summer with minimal impact to Allison-Henderson. Park. It will swing towards the laundromat and fire station.


  1. The Alliant Energy Solar Farm Trail, located at 12th and Pine, will be a 10’ wide trail on the south side of the Bee Branch detention pond. It will connect the A.Y. McDonald Floodwall Trail to downtown’s new Jule Building and the Millwork District. Alliant is installing an informational kiosk that explains the solar farm.

9. HUD Resiliency Projects will occur at 17th St./W. Locust and 22nd St./Kaufmann Ave where smaller old drains will be replaced by larger drain tunnels, wider sidewalks, and bike sharrows. There may be concerns with parking, archeological, or mechanical issues in some places. So limestone or brick accents or the replanting of trees to keep historic character of the neighborhood may be required. Parking is at a premium in these areas. Bike sharrows are likely.

10. The NW Arterial Trail is now complete and Bergfeld Pond Bridge has access on both sides.

Thanks goes to Jon Dienst and the City Engineering Department to keep us informed of recent trail projects.

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