Your Friends in Spandex

A Shout Out from the Telegraph Herald Editorial Board:

Bike to Work Week – May 14-18 (TH Editorial)

Maybe your bike has been sitting in the garage collecting dust since September — or longer. Or maybe you took advantage of the summer-like March weather and got out on two wheels.

Either way, you have a chance to get it in gear with Dubuque’s Bike to Work Week. May 14-18 has been designated Bike to Work Week, with advantages for those who are ready to toss the car keys aside and give pedal power a try for a week.

If you haven’t explored the city’s trails in awhile, you might find you’re able to hop on a path for part of your commute. You can get from the West Side (Asbury and the Northwest Arterial) to downtown (22nd Street) via trail these days, and more paths connect other areas.

Lots of businesses in town support having employees bike to work — as well they should. Workplace wellness efforts lead to less sick time and employees being less stressed. And the ride probably won’t take as long as you think. You don’t have to do it every day. Take a look at your schedule and figure out what days will work best. Then go to and sign up.

Even if you don’t plan to ride, Bike to Work Week should be on your radar. There’s no better time for drivers to be more aware of bicycles and the need to share the road. Failure to do so is a mistake of potentially fatal proportions.

Bicyclists have to follow the same rules as drivers of motor vehicles, and they are afforded the same rights to the roadway as motorists. There are far too many drivers in and around Dubuque who see the cyclist as a nuisance who deserves to be honked at, cut off and cursed.

Bike to Work Week is a great time to start making more effort to share the road. Your friends in spandex will thank you.

Editorials reflect the consensus of the Telegraph Herald Editorial Board.  (TH 5-7-12)

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