Bike to Work Week set for May 14-18, 2012

With spring just around the corner, another bicycle season is upon us. To help usher in that season, Tri- State Trail Vision in partnership with the Telegraph Herald are planning our third annual Bike to Work Week. Bike to Work Week, which is actually part of Bike to Work Month, will take place this year from May 14-18, and Bike to Work Day will be Friday, May 18th. These events were first recognized by the United States Congress in 1956 and
have been recognized every year since. Bike to Work Day, Week and Month are about the promotion of cycling and safe bicycling.

Biking to work is a fun and easy way to get daily exercise without having to find time to work out. Over 66% of the adult US population is overweight and 32% of the US is obese, costing our nation $68 billion in health care and personnel costs annually. With the cost of one gallon of gas headed north of $4 and the “cost” of a half hour on the bike at 150 calories, biking to work has never looked so good.

While the word “work” may appear in Bike to Work Week, it doesn’t have to stop there. Bike to Work Week is meant to promote biking for retired individuals headed out for their morning coffee, for those who make a quick stop at the local convenience store, or for children going to school. Most children are driven to school in cars or buses, and one child out of every four is overweight. Biking to school is great way to get kids active. Bike to Work Week might be more appropriately called Bike Week.

This year, as we move closer to Bike to Work Week, look for promotional materials in the Telegraph Herald and other partner businesses. Make sure to sign up for Bike to Work Week at: or

Help us keep the momentum going by getting out there and going for a ride!

We’re looking for members to serve on the planning committee this year. If
interested, please contact Michael Loebach.

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